Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Top Ten Characters I want to Check in With

Top Ten Tuesday is a wicked awesome meme brought to us all by the clever ladies at The Broke and the Bookish.

I love love love stories that end on a happy note. Sometimes life is really tough, and things don't always go the way we want, so I especially enjoy books with a happy ending for characters to whom I've become attached. But as much as I like neat little endings, I also want to know how the rest of their lives go!

1. Elliot & Kai & Ro - For Darkness Shows the Stars: These three sail off into the sunset at the end of the book, and I really want to read about their further adventures!

2. Tessa and Will - The Infernal Devices: We get a little snapshot of their lives together at the end of The Clockwork Princess, but I could totally go for a full-length novel about them! (PS I'm totally Team Will here.)

3. Tessa and Jem - The Infernal Devices: I know, I said I'm Team Will, but I do also like Jem (just not quite as much). And I really want to know about their lives after that final meeting on the bridge in The Clockwork Princess!

4. Tana and Gavriel - The Coldest Girl in Coldtown: I've never been huge into the whole vampire thing, but I thought The Coldest Girl in Coldtown was a really clever take on it. I'd love to see where Tana and Gavriel are 10 years later.

5. Lilac and Tarver - These Broken Stars: Lilac went totally BA on her dad and everybody else at the end of These Broken Stars, and I think it's pretty great how much they went through to be together after their rescue with Lilac's father trying to pull the strings.

6. Ismae & Duval - Grave Mercy: Soooo I don't totally remember how Grave Mercy ends, but I know that Ismae leaves the convent. But will she still serve St. Mortain for the rest of her life? And how will that affect her life with Duval?

7. Aurora and Niklaas - Princess of Thorns: This is another couple who went through a lot throughout the course of their book. I thought the end of the story was perfect, but I just want more!

8. Mags and Noel - Midnights (My True Love Gave to Me): This was my favorite short story in My True Love Gave to Me. I don't necessarily need an after story for them... but I would LOVE to see a full-length novel based on this short story!

9. Puck and Sean - The Scorpio Races: Maggie Stiefvater totally knows how to write really great characters (less-than-shocking information, I know). If only she could write a little sneak peak into Puck and Sean's future after The Scorpio Races end....

10. Hazel Grace Lancaster - The Fault in Our Stars: The single non-happy ending on my list today. Hazel is still so young at the end of TFIOS, and I just know there are great things in her future. And I wanna read about them.

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