Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Back to Blogging

Last 20 books I've read according to my Goodreads challenge page.

      Sooo.... In case you hadn't noticed, I sort of took an impromptu break from blogging. It snuck up on me, really; one day I was posting about my blogging and reading goals for 2015, and then all of a sudden we are at the end of March with nary a post in the meantime. But now I am back and feeling refreshed and somewhat more goal-oriented than before.
     When I first started my blog last fall, I had almost no idea what I was doing. I had been reading all sorts of book & beauty blogs for a long while, but I hadn't ever really blogged with any sense of purpose. As I went along, I realized that blogging - even blogging about something I love - is so much more work than it seems, and I knew that I wanted to do this the right way. So I took a bit of a break: I read lots and lots of books (well, 25, but that's not bad for under 4 months), read lots of blogs, and generally tried to figure out what I wanted to do with my little piece of the interwebs. I also moved to a new apartment and started a new job, so I'm happy with any progress, even if it took almost four months to get things sorted.
     I have a new editorial calender in place, and I will be slowly making the physical changes on my blog to reflect that. While I still aim to blog primarily about books, I am also going to start writing about entertainment in general (mostly music, but also TV and movies to a degree). In light of this decision, I am adding a new feature, Tuesday Tunes, and will also be tweaking my existing Throwback Thursday feature to also include music/TV/movies that have stuck with me over the years. And there's always a chance that I'll decide to throw some completely random posts into the mix that have nothing to do with any of the above. Just because I can.

     I am so excited to be back, so keep an eye out for all sorts of stuff coming your way this week!

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