Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Ten Blogging Goals for 2015

Top Ten Tuesday is a wicked sweet meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

     Because I'm a brand new blogger, I feel like this is the perfect time to take stock of the last few months and make goals for the following year. Wait - today is exactly three months from my first post! Happy 3-month blogiversary to me!! Anyway, here are the things I'm looking forward to working on for the next year:

1. Work on a schedule - I want to do better about scheduling the books I'm reading (to some extent; I'm a bit of a mood reader), and I want to have some sort of structure to my schedule for posts. I do really like the idea of having a TBR Jar. I didn't even know about these until I read Andi's post this morning, but I think that's a great idea. I'll have to figure out how I want to incorporate it!

2. Work on my self-control - I can make pretty schedules until the cows come home, but unless I actually follow through, I'm just wasting my time.

3. Write more book reviews - For the past three months, my posts have been almost exclusively meme-related. Memes are great! I love memes! TTT is one of my favorites! And they're such a good way to connect with the greater book blogging community! BUT I really need to knuckle down and start reviewing books. Because I love books, and I really want people to read the books I love.

4. Do book challenges - I did the Goodreads challenge last year and went beyond my original goal of 52 books (a book a week seemed reasonable for somebody with a full time job and finishing up an English degree), but there are so many challenges out there. I'm looking forward to sorting through them all. Look for a post later this week!

5. Get more involved in the blogging community - I'm a big fan of Twitter and Goodreads, but I would like to get just a little more organized on both so that it will be easier to keep up with the book bloggers I follow. I think it would also be cool to keep an eye out for blogger meet-ups and conferences. Oh, and I'd like to go to a little thing known as BEA.... I just don't know if that's feasible this year.

6. ARCs: Be better about reading and reviewing. Do more. - I have a total of three ARCs that I got through Penguin's First to Read program, which is super awesome, but I really should figure out Net Galley and Edelweiss.

7. Be proactive about my blog - There are sooooo many awesome resources available for free to bloggers, and I'd be an idiot if I didn't take advantage of them. I don't really want to mess with my format too much right now, but there are still so many other things I can do in the meantime.

8.  Figure out my blog domain issues - I originally bought the domain I wanted to use through WordPress, but I ended up switching to Blogger. Can I still use the domain? And how?? This is slightly too techy for me to figure out on my own, so I'll have to figure out who to beg for help.

9. Be better about correspondence - Just be better about correspondence in general - replying to comments on my posts, commenting on others' posts, thank you notes, calling my Grandma more often, etc.

10. Use social media to promote my blog - I am really hesitant to make a Facebook page for my blog, mostly because I feel like Facebook is the perfect way to show off everything I'm insecure about in regards to the blog. But there are other social media at my disposal! And I would really like to know what Tsu is. What is Tsu???

How do you feel about setting New Years Resolutions? Have you set any resolutions/goals for yourself?


  1. It seems like I've been working on #2 since day one. And every year, it's been a part of my yearly goal. Lol. I wish you the best of 2015!

    1. It's definitely the toughest one on my list! Happy new year :)

  2. You got yourself a nice list of goals for this 2015! There are a lot of challenges out there but I never sign up for them because I'm a quitter and I always stop halfway. However I use those challenges to help me out picking up what to read and that's exactly my plans this next year. All the luck on getting through your goals ;)